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China Oilfield Services Limited(“COSL” )

oil and gas exploration

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China Oilfield Services Limited(“COSL” )is the leading integrated oilfield services provider in the offshore China market. Its services cover each phase of offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production. Its four core business segments are geophysical services, drilling services, well services, marine support and transportation services. COSL has listed its H shares on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited “HKSE” since 20 November 2002 under the ticker 2883. Since 26 March 2004, COSL’s stocks can be traded by means of Level I unlisted American Depositary Receipts at OTC over-the-counter market in the United States. The ticker symbol is CHOLY. COSL has listed its A shares on Shanghai Stock Exchange “SSE” under the ticker 601808 since 28 September 2007.
COSL possesses the largest fleet of offshore oilfield services facilities in China. To date, COSL operated 32 drilling rigs of which 27 are jack-up dril... [Details]